1,001 Jeweled Fantasies

Many years ago I started on a creative journey to produce a series of unique and unusual fantasy works of the jeweler’s art, executed in gold and set with gemstones and diamonds.

These are “The 1,001 Jeweled Fantasies” named for the fanciful tales that Scheherazade spun for the king every night one thousand and one nights to postpone her execution.  As soon as she finishes a tale, she begins another one.

These Jeweled fantasies include Carousel horses, Jesters, animals, sea creatures, legends, fairy tales, mythical creatures and even nursery rhymes.   They are spread all over the world and like the tales of Scheherazade,  as each one is finished, new ones are being created for those who like the King are curious about how each of the stories end.

The Toy 001.jpg