The Restoration of  a Pair of  Antique Necklaces

An antique necklace for Restoration  made of White gold and platinum pendant set with pearls, sapphires and diamonds, Crane Jewelers Ltd. 519 Pine Street Seattle WA 09101.JPG

Antique Necklace Repair

We are often called upon to repair the mistakes and damage done by Jewelers and past owners of antiques. Most Jewelers working in the United States today have a callous disregard for antique Jewelry, they exhibit almost no knowledge of jewelry history much less Art history. The pendant in the photograph below is what we refer to as a ”marriage”. Two pieces from different styles, age and materials have been badly combined to create one piece that is unwearable.


The chain and bow are 14 Karat gold, the bottom section is platinum and set with pearls, sapphires and diamonds. This is a bad marriage, it will not hang from the neck correctly and was therefore impossible to wear. These two must to be separated and live their own lives. It is our goal to make these pieces be as true to their original style. Each an antique in excellent condition with no trace of repair. For this project we chose Conservation and Historical restoration.

Conservation is a careful preservation and protection of an object and is the approach most often favored by museums for collections that are not intended to be worn.  The work is stabilized and then stored or displayed to minimize future deterioration.  Any restoration is minimal to avoid clouding the view of the original work, which would damage its historical significance.

Historical restoration involves using authentic period details, materials, tools and techniques.  It often involves extensive research.  Historic restoration also involves many aspects of conservation.  The goal is to preserve all the work that is good, repair or restore what is missing or broken so it blends seamlessly with the original and re-create the appropriate patinas and surfaces so the new work is difficult or impossible to detect.

Most Jewelers working  in the United States today have a callous disregard for antique Jewelry and almost no knowledge of  jewelry history much less Art history.

The Edwardian pendant has been removed from the white gold bow and a white gold bezel has been installed on the spot where the platinum Edwardian pendant was attached. An old European cut diamond set. The necklace has been completely restored and the separation of the complicated bad marriage completed.

Completed Restoration on a antique platinum pendant set with pearls, sapphires and diamonds restoration by Crane Jewelers Ltd. 519 Pine Street Seattle WA 09101.JPG

Restored Platinum Edwardian Pendant

The platinum Edwardian pendant has been completely restored, an appropriate platinum cable chain was found and a matched pair of old European cut diamonds have been set into very fine platinum bezels and spaced as they would have originally been in the Edwardian period, to float in the chain.