About Us

Located In
Downtown Seattle

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Saturday:

10AM - 5PM


519 Pine Street

Seattle, WA 98101

Our History

Art Gunderson opened his local jewelry business in 1923 and soon established himself as one of the most trusted jewelers in the Pacific Northwest. Philip Monroe joined him as jewelry craftsman and designer in 1965, to eventually become his professional and artistic heir, culminating in the purchase of the store in 1977.

With time and experience, Mr. Monroe developed and refined a signature design philosophy that guided each custom creation through its evolution from concept to reality. In 1987  Mr. Monroe hired the firm of Olson Sundberg to design a new store for the firm at 519 Pine Street.

Kevin Crane, an artist, jewelry designer and master goldsmith, joined Philip Monroe Jeweler in 1991 and collaborated with Mr. Monroe on most of the designs created by the company. With Mr. Monroe’s retirement in 2001, Kevin Crane became Artistic Director and President of the corporation. Although the name has changed, we continue to uphold our three generation dedication to customer service and maintaining the highest standards of custom jewelry design and production.

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