Frequently Asked Questions



 Q1. I have a jewelry piece that needs to be restored and I am not located near your store. Do you provide services from outside of State or do you have recommendations for someone who does?

A- Yes, We provide all the services mentioned on our services page to both in and out of State customers. We also provide these services to our clients internationally. Most of our Antique restoration photos listed on our website are from clients out of the Pacific Northwest area.


Q2 .How would I go about starting a restoration project?

A- First we would need to see the piece. If you can provide photos in good lighting, in focus, and from as many angles as possible this would expedite the process significantly. These photos can be sent via email to If you would be kind enough to provide us with your contact information and name along with times that work for us to contact you during business hours we will promptly return your inquiry.


Q3. Can you email information about my photos?

A- Yes, However, we would like to follow up in person as often these restoration projects bring up more questions than answers for our clients and is best conducted via phone. We hope to answer all your questions thoroughly.


Q4. How do I get my jewelry to Crane Jewelers?

A- Many clients choose to ship their jewelry to us. We have worked out a method of shipping that is both safest to the customer as well as to the items. please follow this link for more information regarding our shipping process.